About us

The Contemporary Music Department (DMC) of "A. Casella" Conservatoire gathers all the Professors of Composition, Conducting and Score reading. Since many years the Department organizes experimental forms of study and exchanges which aim to provide students with new tools of self-improvement. These didactical instruments integrate the traditional teaching, opening new spaces and further involving the students. From this point of view the study meeting "Comporre Oggi" is particularly relevant. Since 2012 it attracts every year to L'Aquila teachers and composers from different Italian and European institutions. Furthermore, many collaborations with musical institutions - both in and around L'Aquila - have been started, giving birth to artistic and didactic projects in which many Composition students of our Conservatoire participated. In the same line the Department regularly organizes lessons opened to all classes, the teachers giving lectures on monographic topics of musical analysis and the students presenting their works to colleagues and teachers. There are also collective evaluations of the activities and projects, both the implemented ones or those to be implemented.
The website gives an account of all these and other activities, with the aim of making this virtual space a useful tool to inform our students and to make the activity of the DMC known at national and international level, thus promoting cultural exchanges with other realities of today's music.

Composition Professors:
Marco Della Sciucca (Head of Department) 
Luigi Francalanza
Vittorio Montalti
Davide Remigio

Conducting Professor:
Benedetto Montebello

Score Reading Professors:
Fabrizio Carradori
Maurizio Cocciolito