Comporre Oggi

"Comporre Oggi" - as we can read in the 6th edition program - was born in 2012 with the aim of further opening the doors of "A. Casella" Conservatoire to contemporary creativity, through direct confrontation with some important Italian and foreign composers, talking of their production, their writing technique, their creative thinking, their musical poetry. The event is still based on its original formula: during each meeting live pieces are presented in addition to the listening and the watching of recorded works by the guest composers. The final round table, with the participation of all guests, represents a moment of reflection and discussion about the present meaning of creativity in music and about the role of new music in society. The present soundscape belongs to everybody, it is a cultural right of the whole community: that's why Comporre Oggi presents itself as a cultural and artistic experience for all kinds of musicians, for non musicians and for open minded people eager to fully live contemporary life. Thus, Composition students of the Conservatoire have the concrete opportunity to experience an open school and a direct and fruitful debate.

"Comporre Oggi" is an ambitious project, to which the Department of Contemporary Music has dedicated all its energies, with the collaboration of the management and the entire institute, involving students at various levels and bringing composers from different countries to L'Aquila. During the first seven editions, eighteen conferences have been held by composers coming from eight European countries, including Italy and many other events took place besides these conferences. These meetings with other European Composition and Composition Education contexts have stimulated our students and have aroused new interests; new relationships have been established with guest teachers who always gave generously advices and suggestions. In several cases these exchanges have been followed up with the European Erasmus Programme. From this point of view the Department is currently working to develop an even greater circulation of ideas among the different schools.

Comporre Oggi 2019

Caterina Calderoni
Voro García
Bettina Skrzypczak

24 - 25 October 2019


Comporre Oggi 2018

Edgar Alandia
Gyula Fekete
Wojciech Ziemowit Zych

Comporre Oggi 2017

Dušan Bavdek
Matteo D’Amico
Nadir Vassena

Comporre Oggi 2016

Patrizio Esposito
Alessandro Melchiorre
Rosario Mirigliano

Comporre Oggi 2015

Hanuš Bartoň
Alessandro Cusatelli
Alessandro Sbordoni

Comporre Oggi 2014

Sidney Corbett
Fausto Sebastiani
Toivo Tulev

Comporre Oggi 2013

Christian Cassinelli
Emilio Calandín Hernández
Wojciech Widłak

Comporre Oggi 2012

Gabriele Manca
Paolo Rotili
Giampaolo Testoni