Claudio Perugini

Claudio Perugini (Rome, 1961) has graduated in composition under the supervision of Irma Ravinale, and in piano under the supervision of Pieralberto Biondi. In addition, he has graduated in choral music and in choir direction. He has obtained various recognitions and awards in international contests of composition such as: "V. Bucchi "of Rome," IMRO "of Arklow - Ireland (" highly commended "), " S. Ferrari " of Piacenza, ZKM's International Competiton for Elecroacoustic Music, Karlsruhe, 2006, Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica de Santiago," Ai-maako "2007 and 2010. He was selected with the "Concerto for double bass and orchestra" within the international seminars of the "Petrassi" orchestra (single prize - 1987).
He has participated as composer in major national and international concert events, including: Nuova Consonanza, Nuovi Spazi Musicali, RomaEuropa Festival, Antidogma Musica - Torino, G.A.M.O. - Firenze, Incontri musicali romani - RAI Auditorium, Festival delle Nazioni - Città di Castello, Terra delle risonanze, Contemporanea 2011 - Udine, EMU-Fest of the Conservatory "S. Cecilia" in Rome, and abroad: Festival Musica Nova of San Paolo del Brazil, "New world music days 2006", of ISCM in Germany; his compositions were also performed in Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Darmstadt, Weimar, Amsterdam, Prague, Ljubljana, Lisbon (Coro "Odyssea", director Ivan Moody), Osaka, Krakow, Oxford, and in Italy in Rome (Teatro Nazionale, Hungarian Academy, Austrian Forum, "Ennio Morricone" Auditorium, etc.), Benevento, Pescara, Gorizia, Bologna; they were also broadcast by Rai Radiotre, Nordwestradio - Radio Bremen, DEGEM Web Radio.


The regional orchestra of Rome and Lazio commissioned to Claudio the score "Dylan, or the light waves" (2007), performed at the Auditorium “Parco della Musica” (Rome), which it was conducted by Domonkos Héjà. His works were recorded by various labels (Pentaflowers, Radio Onda d'Urto, Agenda, Rivoalto, Domani Musica), and published by Berben, Agenda and Taukay. Claudio has held seminars on twentieth century and contemporary music; he collaborated as a composition teacher with the Arts Academy Foundation, where he was the creator of the "Progetto in itinere -viaggio tra i sentieri dei linguaggi musicali”", dedicated to contemporary music, which has hosted prestigious performers every year. He has been a member of the committee in national and international composition competitions. Claudio is the author of the essay "Il segno di Bach", based on the relationship between ghematria, sectio aurea and Fibonacci series in the transcription of the concert by Marcello. He held the position of teacher of Composition at the Conservatory of Benevento from 1986 to 2006 Claudio is currently teaching Composition at the Conservatory "A. Casella" in L'Aquila.