Composition Bachelor's Degree

Qualification awarded: Composition Bachelor's Degree
Length of programme: 3 years
Numbers of credits: 180 ECTS
Level of qualification: EHEA 1° cycle; EQF level 6

Course structure:

Key learning outcomes:
Students completing required courses for the Composition Bachelor's Degree will have acquired the technical ability and specific competences that will allow them to fully express their interpretative personality. To meet this goal, students will closely study the main compositional techniques and idioms that are most representative of various historical periods. Specific professional expertise in instrumentation, orchestration, transcription and arrangement will be acquired, developing perceptual abilities in aural training and memorization. In addition, students will learn about the various models of music analysis and their evolution. Upon completion of the Bachelor's Degree, students will have attained in depth knowledge of the general stylistic, historical and aesthetic aspects related to their specific area of composition. In addition, they will be able to carry out improvisation and will possess adequate skills in the use of computer technology for music. The ability to use a second European Union language will also be obtained.

Admission requirements: to apply for a Bachelor's Degree it is necessary to hold a Secondary School leaving certificate. Admittance will be based on the entrance examination results.
Occupational profiles of graduates: this course provides career opportunities in the following fields: composition; transcription; arrangements.
Access to further studies: graduates holding a Bachelor’s Degree are eligible to apply to a Master’s Degree.